Friends of Urban Agriculture is active on several fronts. Your help is welcome and time commitments are scalable. Choices include:

A - EDUCATION TASK TEAM: Do you like to welcome people to events? Develop programs? Help us plan and conduct our Quarterly Meetings. 

B - MEDIA COMMUNICATION TASK TEAM: Are you adept at social media? Artistically creative? Have public relations experience? Contribute to a positive public presence via such tools as an email, website, social media, logo, poster, flyers, etc. 

C - EVENT COMMUNICATION TASK TEAM: Do you want to share Arlington's many Urban Agriculture events with others? Adept with Google forms? Help develop a group of partner organizations to collaborate with and contacts for coming events, activities and attract volunteers. 

D - STEERING COMMITTEE RESEARCH TASK TEAM:  Are you interested in joining our Steering Committee? Helping develop approaches for promoting sustainable food systems in Arlington? Help us determine strategies and develop the organizational structure of FOUA, bylaws, funding, liability coverage, budget and membership data management

E - PROJECT RESEARCH TASK TEAM: Do you want to dig into a project? Collect data as needed? Pursue a particular interest related to sustainable food systems? Get involved in developing and conducting collaborative research or demonstration projects.                                                                        Volunteers at a May 2017 Potting Party at the Ballston Metro 

Please fill out the form below if you would like to volunteer with us and indicate your particular interest or interests.