School Victory Gardens

Friends of Urban Agriculture and Arlington Virginia Cooperative Extension are partnering with Arlington Public Schools to turn classroom gardens into Victory Gardens to grow fresh vegetables to support the community. We can't wait to get our hands dirty, and we want you to join us!
We are excited to partner with Arlington Public Schools and Arlington VCE on this effort. Our envisioned Victory Gardens will empower the intrepid APS Garden Coordinators at Wakefield, TJ Middle School, Hoffman-Boston Elementary, and Tuckahoe Elementary to maximize their gardens’ capacities. Our goal for this community-led initiative is to produce 2,500 pounds of fresh produce to donate to Arlington food pantries. We thank Healthy Communities Action Team (HCAT) for donating funds through the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth to support the school gardens. HCAT is
 part of the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families. We know there is interest at other school gardens. If we galvanize enough support and volunteers, we may be able to include additional schools in our project.

TOTAL DONATED = 1300+ pounds

Please fill out this volunteer questionnaire if you would like to participate. We are looking for experienced gardeners who can dedicate 1 to 4 hours per week for 8 to 10 weeks at one of four public schools in Arlington. Under the direction of each school’s garden coordinators and VCE's Extension Master Gardeners, our activities will include mulching, watering, garden construction, harvesting, and delivery to donation sites within Arlington.

* Victory Garden poster designed by Wakefield High School student Renee Whiffen.

DOWNLOAD Guidelines for Volunteering at School Gardens during COVID-19

DOWNLOAD Fall garden growing tips and how to extend the growing season (from Arlington VCE)

We thank the following businesses, groups and individuals for providing in-kind donations or discounts on supplies: MOM's Organic Market - Alexandria, 4H-Arlington & Alexandria, Meadows Farm, Merrifield Garden Center, Shelton Tree Service, We Recycle Trees, Melwood, Becky Halbe, and Puwen Lee.

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Help Grow School Gardens!

Please consider a donation to support growing fresh veggies for local food pantries.

What your donation can buy:

  • $10 = 3 tomato plants
  • $25 = 3 bags of organic garden soil
  • $40 = 100 foot garden hose
  • $60 = 8 pairs of garden gloves
  • $100 = 2000 biodegradable produce bags
  • $150 = 165 feet of deer fencing

We are all in this together. THANK YOU!

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