About Us/Contact

Mission Statement

To build a resilient, community-driven urban agriculture sector that provides a fair, healthy, sustainable food system for all Arlingtonians.

Our Approach

Champion: Local urban agriculture through action and investment.

Connect: People & organizations to advance Arlington’s urban agriculture sector.

Celebrate: Arlington’s urban agriculture accomplishments.

Board of Directors

Audrey Morris (President & Treasurer) Garden Coordinator, Arlington Food Assistance Center; was on the County’s Urban Agriculture Task Force
Aisha Salazar (Vice President) Cooking and Nutrition Coordinator, Arlington Food Assistance Center; Manager Fairlington Farmers Market
Robin Broder (Communications Director) Clean Water & Local Food Advocate and Nonprofit Consultant
David Sachs, (Secretary) Grapewood Farms in Montross, VA, growing organic grains and milled flours; has garden plot in Fort Barnard Community Garden
Matt McKinstry, Bushel Edible Gardens, an on-demand foodscaping service
Emily Landsman, food writer and communications and marketing specialist

Contact Info

    Juliet Tomatoes (Plot 69)Ft. Barnard Community Garden, Arlington, VA

Our Story

The Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Urban Agriculture program launched the Friends of Urban Agriculture (FOUA) in March 2015. A Board of Directors was elected in 2017. DPR envisioned FOUA as a productive partnership between the community and County DPR staff; serving as ambassadors to extend the presence and values of urban agriculture into the community; help leverage the work of County DPR employees; provide an avenue for public stewardship of urban agriculture resources; deepen public support for urban agriculture and demonstrate the value of urban agriculture to the community.

  • General meetings focusing on such topics as farmers markets and other non-profits active in urban agriculture, farmers and issues in our food shed (local area delivering fresh foods directly to Arlington), permaculture, responsible mosquito control and food waste and food recovery.
  • Involvement in supporting, planning and providing various programs related to urban agriculture in collaboration with our partners: Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), Cooperative Extension and Master Gardener programs, Rooftop Roots and Reevesland Learning Center, Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment, and many others.
  • Conduct activities that promote the growing of food in homes, townhouses and apartments, such as a series of seedling giveaways in spring 2017.

The Arlington County Board formed the Urban Agriculture Task Force (UATF) in March 2012, as proposed by Board Members Walter Tejada and Jay Fissette, and chaired by John Vihstadt. The UATF’s report with recommendations was submitted to the County Board in June 2013. It includes recommendations for moving urban agriculture forward in Arlington, as well as background and historical information.

Arlington County Recommendations for a Food Action Plan from the Urban Agriculture Task Force Report to the Arlington County Board